The easy way to control your manufacturing
process quality. Without limits.

Monitoring your manufacturing process quality has never been easier and cheaper. AGILESPC is a powerful software reacheable from all the devices connected to Internet without any installation.
Everywhere and without limits.


You can manage with few clicks the internal procedures and information related to your manufacturing processes and environment, like: operators, working shifts, manufacturing machines and units, etc.. Adding work orders and specifications of your produced parts is very simple thanks to an easy interface navigation.

Data Collection

AGILESPC implements a lot of methodologies in order to import and store the measurements of your critical parameters into the system. The Operator Panel permits you to collect data manually or directly with a standard RS-232 and RF communication. You can also import measurements with a predifined Excel template: with a single click you'll be able to add hundreds or thousands records inside the system and manage them.


The AGILESPC software gives you a lot of powerful tools that help to control and improve your manufacturing processes, including:

  • Control Charts (I-MR, Xbar-R and Xbar-S)
  • Attribute Charts (P, C and U)
  • Time Weighted Charts (EWMA and CUSUM)
  • Process Capability results (Cpk, Cp, Pp, Ppk)
  • Gage R & R (Repeatability & Reproducibility) report
  • Suppliers statistical process control

The results of your analysis can be easily exported and downloaded.

Save money and time

Forget about IT infrastructure problems, hardware requirements, software installation issues and costs, Operating Systems compatibility. AGILESPC is a Software As a Service: this means that the application can be reached simply using an Internet browser without any installation and, most important, from any pc or mobile device connected to Internet. We take care about mantaining your AGILESPC instance fully working.


The AGILESPC free subscription permits you to evaluate your processes quality with the powerful Individual Moving Range Chart report. This will permits you to:

  • Monitoring the stability of a process
  • Determining whether a process is stable and ready to be improved
  • Demonstrating improved process performance

The results of your analysis can be easily exported and downloaded.

Subscribe NOW and discover how powerful is the AGILESPC!

Supported OS

Android iOS Windows

Supported browsers

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari


  • LITE plus
  • 20€ 15€ / month
  • Full setup functionalities
  • Batch data upload
  • Operator Panel
  • I-MR chart
  • Standard support
  • +
  • Up to 6 concurrent users
  • 100 parts
  • 100 work orders
  • Up to 100,000 measures
  • Control charts
  • Gage R&R statistical tool

Let AGILESPC grow with your company.
A series of flexible hosting plans to suit every level of security and data retention.

We know that every reality is different, so we offer our customers the opportunity to choose the best hosting solution for your business.
Our offering ranges from cloud workspaces and without charge for our customers (but not less secure and optimized) to fully customized solutions with sophisticated safety standards.

Java Spring Framework Ubuntu Server Apache Server Apache Tomcat Secured with SSL
  • CLOUD free
  • 0€ / forever
  • EU/US locations available
  • Daily backed up
  • Available only for
  • LITE plans
  • starting from 20€ / month
  • Dedicated cloud instance
  • 24x7 monitored
  • No setup needed
  • VPN access
  • contact us
  • On site server
  • Data insulation
  • Intranet data access
  • Fully scalable

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